Monday 21 May 2012

PB072 | Mega Flare - Round Three

Back again, and ready to fight another round Mega Flare packs a punch with his latest album.

This album is packed full of more of the wonderfully well written, fast paced, driving and fist pumpingly awesome music that we are accustomed to hearing from Mega Flare. Brilliantly written melodies sing their way across each track, every one clutching a fist full of emotion as well as sounds damn awesome at the same time. These melodies are accompanied by solid bass lines and punchy, dance move inducing drums. Round three continues on from the previous two rounds with the same energy and sheer quality as when the starting bell went off. The towel definitely hasn't been thrown in, so what are you waiting for get it now!

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1. To The Top
2. Unlit Streets
3. Hideout
4. Raise
5. Some 1 Cares
6. Torrent
7. Relay Junction 141
8. Fwd March
9. Uppercut
10. Star Fire