Thursday 12 April 2012

PB070 | 505 - hYMns

Making his debut appearance on Pxl-Bot, 505 certainly knows how to make an entrance.

hYMns is a collection of tracks created over a period of eleven years on the Atari ST/STE. Every bleep and every bloop radiates waves of nostalgia, casting you back to an older, simpler time and sure to put a tear in the eye of every old school gamer. Each track holds its own perfectly, creating differing atmospheres and feelings within their superbly written melodies and catchy beats, while the album stays coherent and flows throughout. You will be sorely missing out if you do not grab this album now!

Grab The ZIP Here! or Listen And Buy Here!


1. Hushrush
2. Hysteria
3. YM2006
4. Cyborg Clubbing
5. Nuance
6. Blue Period
7. Clouds
8. Shredder
9. CPU Eater
10. Gauloise