Thursday 16 August 2012

PB076 | Falling For A Square - D I A R Y

Making a hard hitting debut here on Pxl-Bot we are very proud to bring to you the latest (and first completely LSDJ release) from Falling For A Square, D I A R Y.

Right from the start D I A R Y pulls you into its story through cascades of wonderful sounding instruments capturing the mood perfectly. Each track is unique and holds with it a different set of feelings expressed with beautiful clarity. Despite the album's broad range, the piece as an entity stays as one, also containing two bonus tracks, full artwork and a wallpaper by Richard Alexander Caraballo of Minusbaby, what are you waiting for!

Get It Here! (And throw some money in if you're feeling generous)


1. Hello Tomorrow
2. Closer
3. Logic
4. Promises
5. A Slow Walk Home