Monday 20 February 2012

PB066 | Jakim - Jamming For Nothing

Making his debut appearance here at Pxl-Bot, we are very proud to bring you the spectacular Jakim!

Funky is an understatement and right from the get go this 9 track album hits you with its expertly crafted leads, tight drums and groovy basses, as well as a few tracks of differing styles thrown in for good measure. Jakim manages to craft tracks which bring up memories of days spent in the past, sat on a sofa in front of a CRT screen playing old video games, the welcoming familiarity embraces you while the tracks all have their own distinct personalities each standing strong on its own as well as knitting together to form this amazing album. Definitely shouldn't be missed!

Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Abused Semitones
2. Scissorbrain
3. Retreat Into Music
4. Jade Hunk
5. One Big Mess
6. Jamming For Nothing
7. Crapique
8. Specific Mood
9. In This Mood