Tuesday 24 January 2012

PB065 | Spaceman Fantastiques - The World According To Mr Meleon

He's back again, returning from his journey into deep space, bringing with him a masterpiece forged in the heart of a super nova, Spaceman Fantastiques' latest album is nothing short but out of this world.

Right from the start this album crafts a wide variety of moods and atmospheres each different from one another but equally as captivating. The tracks manage to capture the large openness of space with their ambient sounds and ethereal synths while the superb melodies and drums still hold the track together tightly. This unique style has been perfected down to a tee and to make it even better it comes in a big serving.

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Of the 19 tracks each one is its own story, creating a pictures in your mind of vast planets, giant asteroid fields and shining stars. Each track however fits together with one another to form a much larger tale which takes you far out into an amazing journey. This saga is truly a testament to the skills of Spaceman Fantastiques.


1. S.A.F.S.N (This Time Things Will Change)
2. West Of The Sun
3. Tripping The Light Fantastique!
4. To The Moon...Not The Moon?...Ok...To The Stars!
5. Time Is Getting Away...Hold Onto Me
6. Which Dimension?
7. ?!?!?!?!?!
8. Overlooked. Not Outshined
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside. No Seriously.
10. Far Off Summit
11. The Invisibles Are Here!
12. Only Hubble Can Save Me Now
13. Hope? Trust Me. They Can't Hear You...
14. If We Don't Make It!
15. Starwell
17. I've Dreamt This Dream Before...
18. but...
19. Things Didn't Go So Well (Death of A Spaceman?)