Monday 11 June 2012

PB073 | V/A - One Year Later

It has been a great year, full of amazing music and awesome people. None of this would of happened if not for the support of our fans and of course the incredibly talented artists that we have worked with. Many thanks go out to all of you! We've come a long way since starting up, however we still have a lot of growing up to do (a 1 year old is still a baby). But with the continued support of everyone we know that will be possible.

This compilation also marks the return of involvement by Pxl-Bot co-founder Andrew Kilpatrick and an exciting new era in the label's life.

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This album features a mix of artists, 27 of them in fact, whom we have either worked with or have just helped out in general. However we would consider ever single one on here a friend and an incredibly awesome person! This is a thanks to all of you, fans and artists alike for all the support you have given us over the past year. Heres to 'Two Years Later' next year!


1. Auxcide - Impact
2. Analog - $ilencio
3. RobotSexMusic - Space Disco
4. Gnarly Sunshine - Rediscovery
5. Decktonic - Bass Jam
6. Kool Skull - Funky Slime
7. EGR - War Face
8. Andrew Kilpatrick - Astronimcal Binary
9. Starpilot - Thou Shalt Not
10. El Musho - Reflection
11. Spaceman Fantastiques - Setting Sail
12. Frostbyte - Evergreen II
13. AlexOgre - Glider
14. Optimus Chad - Kup is Jammin
15. Crit Hi t- P0wning The Race
16. Mega Flare - Just Thinking Part 2
17. HunterQuinn - Woub
18. PandasAttack - Soul
19. Artisan - Disappearing Act (Kreeza Rmx)
20. 2xAA - IIII
21. S.P.R.Y - Guttural
22. Chickenandrofls - Chatoic Evil
23. The MM Project - Retrun Her The Way She Was
24. Jakim - Long Live My Robot
25. Kommisar - Arle Gets Raped
26. Solarbear - Manic Compression
27. nordloef - Hours
28. Andarugo - Letters To Howard