Monday 30 May 2011

PB008 | Andrew Kilpatrick - One Day Later...

With all its bleeps, buzzes and bloops in perfect order, the third installment from Pxl-Bot's very own Andrew Kilpatrick is nothing short but jaw droppingly brilliant.

Bringing incredibly catchy melodies, foot stomping good beats and and an overall finish which leaves you breathless and on your knees in front of it, this EP is yet another masterful release from Andrew. Inspired by a forum post at this EP was written and composed in just one day. One Day Later... draws you in with its almost story like tracks and once ensnared you never want to leave your prison cell of melodies again. Also featuring a brilliantly done cover of Wintersun's 'Beyond The Dark Sun', cover art by the very talented Holy Konni and three bonus tracks all thrown in for good measure, this EP is definitely a must have for chip fanatics.

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1. That Dog Had It Coming
2. Not Drowning Is Always Good Advice
3. The Tenant
4. Walking Down The Psycho Path
5. My Last Arid Breath
6. Beyond The Dark Sun (Wintersun Cover)
7. Up (Bonus Track)
8. Zebras Bark (Bonus Track)
9. Curtain Call (Bonus Track)