Wednesday 18 May 2011

PB004 | 2xAA - Resolution

Pxl-Bot are proud to present to you, from Plymouth UK, 2xAA’s Resolution.

With a glaringly powerful focus on melody, 2xAA brings you his third offering to the world in the form of brilliantly cohesive and downright beautiful “Resolution”. Gently probing your inner child, 2xAA uses melodic incentive to draw out a euphoric feel sure to leave a smile plastered across your face. If you were ever unsure summer was near, look no further for confirmation of its existence than here. Memorable, ingeniously written and with astonishing attention to detail, “Resolution” is sure to be on your speakers/ipod/something-else-that-plays-music throughout the summer and back through the rest of the seasons. And to top it all off Resolution provides a feast for your eyeballs with artwork by the one and only, amazing Holy Konni!

Prepare for awesomeness and Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Please Wait...
2. Sideways Fish
3. Once A New
4. Popcorn Factory