Monday 16 May 2011

PB003 | Ville Wannabe - Future EP

Doused in samples, house influence and a hearty amount of technical capability with the passion to match, Pxl-Bot brings you another Grade A piece of work, this time from Finland.

Ville Wannabe creates memorable tunes covered with perfectly manipulated samples doing more than just giving the audience something to relate to, but more so pushing the use of sampling to its limts of atmosphere and mood regulation. The music itself is buried somewhere between chip house, post-rock spats and an indescribable experimentation style, sure to rocket Ville Wannabe forwards due to its remarkably unique nature. With this perfectly crafted release, in which every song has expertly been chosen and placed with attention paid to the most minute of details, Ville has cemented his first stepping stone on his way to the hall of fame, and we are very, very proud to be the ones showing you it.

This is the future, Grab The Zip Here!


1. Dissociation
2. Confoamism
3. Crescendo Destructor
4. In The Lude
5. First Day Of The Future
6. Luminescent
7. The Diviner And The Mage

If you want to support him, don't hesitate to jump over to his Bandcamp here and smack some dollah into his worthy hands.