Wednesday 1 June 2011

PB009 | Thesuperfruitsmoothies - Guavas, Mangoes & Goji Berries

Songs about fruit and lasers. Pxl-Bot and all the artists involved are very happy to be bringing out a choice offering of condensed fruity goodness.

A collaboration drawing from the creative juices of Andrew Kilpatrick, Cookeh (James Cook) and Chipset (Oliver Williams) Pxl-Bot’s ninth release brings you a collection of ideas and sounds drawn from more influences than songs there are on the release. Traversing grimey rave, full throttle drum driven noise, polyrhythmic spits and plodding space driven melodically-minded trance, all delivered with the medium of chip, this release breathes a scope and vast range from the off. Written over seven months, the collaborative’s first offering brings promise of greater and even more diverse things, with the starting template of fruits with lasers locked firmly in place.

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1. Strawberry Shoegaze
2. Pineapple Bomb Factory
3. Dark Side Of The Apple
4. Aquamarine Blueberry Dreams
5. Not So Innocent

Artwork by Chipset