Wednesday 25 May 2011

PB006 | Dinotrax - Rearranging Patterns

Bridging the gap between post-hardcore and chiptune with angst and genuine musical technical capability, we here at Pxl-Bot are overly proud to bring you Dinotrax’s newest raw set of blistering tracks in the form of “Rearranging Patterns".

With their fourth and most focused release to date, the American six-piece hailing from Pittsburgh, Dinotrax, reach new heights with an unimaginable perfection of their destructive blend of the beautiful and brutal. Not tethering themselves to the usual restraints of straight post-hardcore, influences are drawn from across the board into an accumulation sometimes hard to comprehend, before finally dousing the result product in chip and chip influenced melodies and structure. Almost every track on this EP could be the next post-hardcore anthem, and coupled with its constant leniency towards chip and video game influenced tendencies, this is one ‘Nintendocore’ album the chip community can REALLY be proud of. No cybergrind or overly distorted ‘death metal’ vocals usually found in nintendocore, just straight up chip inspired brilliance.


1. Atop The Trestle
2. Stripes
3. We Begin To Speak
4. Potion From A Lion
5. Tantalus
6. Carnival
7. Minesweeper
8. Traditional Conflict
9. Rearranging Patterns
10. Storm The Albatross
11. Zone: Conflict
12. What We Call Wednesday
13. Interconnected

For more information on the band and more releases, check out their facebook page here