Friday 13 May 2011

PB002 | Frostbyte - Brace Yourself

Straddling the edge between confidently happy and destructively broken, this outstanding piece of work leaves a lasting impression to say the least.

Pxl-Bot proudly gives to you the first in the sure to be fruitful pieces of work from this passionate and versatile chip artist. Producing winter-y summer anthems with cascading melodies and broken drums, Frostbyte masterfully takes you on a ride into the real frontiers of atmosphere, blending seamlessly beautiful textures with mournful passages with the ever present ever restless drums providing a perfect balance of beautiful brutality. Effortless in delivery and stark in contrast, this Ep lodges itself firmly in your head, digging in deep for the winter it’s bringing. Nothing short of pure brilliance.

Brace yourself for epicness and Grab The Zip Here!

1. Hello
2. Go
3. Run
4. XRK
5. Goodbye

If you want to support Frostbyte, go to his bandcamp here and throw some dollah his way. You know he deserves it.