Thursday 12 May 2011

PB001 | Trey Frey - Critical EP

Pxl-Bot proudly brings you our debut release from West Virginia, the floor-filling, adrenaline-burning TreyFrey.

Back with a new EP before he hits the world with his second album, this choice cut offering, showcases everything good about one of the upcoming Gods Of Chip. Feverishly memorable melodic hooks, unrivaled structural cohesion and a bitter sweet kick sure to leave the taste buds in your ears gasping and leaving us nothing but honoured to bring you Critical EP. Having recently left the collective blitzed, nothing but brilliant things can be expected of this new and fresh chip artist.

We both know that there is an easy pun about being left critical. Let's just not. Instead check out TreyFrey's personal site for more great music

1. Critical
2. Infinite
3. That Girl Is A Vampire