Friday 17 June 2011

PB012 | MONODEER - Noise.bmp

It is Pxl-Bot’s highest pleasure to bring you this ground-destroying piece of work from 8bc fave, MONODEER.

Slow, dark and riddled with a sense of despair, this heavily dub inspired debut offering from MONODEER drags you in quickly and smothers you quietly in its’ intoxicatingly suffocating atmosphere. Far from being one dimensional, Noise.bmp leaks lo-fi charm corrupted with its own dark innards taking influence from noise music and a definite doom-esque tinge. MONODEER then goes onwards from his pre-established groove-fuelled aggression to inject a healthy amount of hook riddled melody before “Shatter” does as its name suggests. From start to finish this innovative and awe-inspiring release oozes a dark atmosphere from every orifice, creating one of the most refreshingly new sounding chip releases of the year. Think less dubstep, and more darkstep.

1. Tubelights
2. March Of The Grizzly Bears
3. Synthétiseur
4. Shatter
5. Dooom
6. Hunters (The Chase)

Ps, for upcoming MONODEER based information hit his facebook or soundclound, and if you fancy supporting him, throw him a wad on his bandcamp!!