Friday 17 January 2014

PB087 | The Hamlet - The Tower

Returning again to Pxl-Bot, we are very pleased to be bringing you a brand new release from The Hamlet, The Tower.

Packed full of more of the sweet, beautifully written melodies that are to be expected of The Hamlet, The Tower is ten tracks of brilliance. Telling it's story as you ascend the floors of a mysterious, possibly long forgotten tower. Each track spins its part of the tale as you climb, giving the album an incredible atmosphere, conjuring feelings of exploration and discovery as well as every so often a slight feeling of unease and apprehension, found lingering in the shadows. All of this ultimately culminates in another outstanding release from the Hamlet!

Grab the ZIP here! or on Bandcamp here!


1. The Gates Open
2. Something Stirs
3. Shifting Walls
4. The View Down
5. The Crumbling Floor
6. A Dark Host
7. The Stairway
8. The Ever Watchful Paintings
9. The Bell Tower
10. A Final Rest