Monday 23 March 2015

PB088 | The Laohu - FROgs

As we rise from our slumber and dust away the cobwebs we are very pleased to announce the latest album from The Laohu, FROgs.

Spanning two/three years of material, The Laohu effortlessly merges lsdj and guitar, packing this release with as much attitude as you would expect from a frog sporting a dope afro. Showing off his versatility as a musician with tracks ranging from the more serious and emotive 'I Swear' and 'The Roam' to the slightly more light hearted 'ThreeDee' a song about larger than average rear ends, featuring a special appearance by hype$quad. Don't miss this, chip rock at it's best!

Grab it on Bandcamp here!


1. Splodies
2. Generator (Foo Fighters Cover)
3. I Can Breakdance
4. I Swear
6. ThreeDee
7.  Evening (Roboctopus Remix)

8. The Roam