Saturday 11 January 2014

PB086 | Kommisar - Cosmic Phantasm

We are very pleased to announce the return of Kommisar here on Pxl-Bot, bringing with him an incredible brand new album, Cosmic Phantasm.

A follow up to Reimu Plays LSDJ, Kommisar's first release with us, Cosmic Phantasm builds upon everything great about that prior album, resulting in an incredibly well written and produced collection of songs. Strong, driving beats and incredibly catchy melodies draw you into each track, pulling you along on the ride as each song shows off its own distinct sound and personality. With every one of the nine tracks a perfectly crafted piece of art, this album will have you dancing for its entirety. Don't miss out, get it now!

Grab the ZIP here! or on Bandcamp here!


1. Transparent Heart
2. Gamine Glaciale
3. 嫉妬の王女
4. Curse of the Heavens
5. 信仰の奇跡
6. Luminous Flower
7. Tanuki's 8th Duel
8. Casket of Star (2011)
9. Dat Immortal Moon (2011)