Monday 1 June 2015

PB091 | Auxcide - Laniakea

Returning again to Pxl-Bot we are very pleased to be bringing you the latest from Auxcide, Laniakea.

With all the brilliance we've come to love and expect from Auxcide, Laniakea is a wonderfully crafted journey through the cosmos. Right from the first track 'Miasma', this release extrudes a cinematic like quality, constantly evolving and progressing, crafting a vast epic environment in which it's beautifully written, intertwining melodies can play out in. All of this coupled with punchy percussion and driving basslines shows off Auxcide's incredible sound design abilities and leaves Laniakea being something truly special.
Laniakea is also available on CD through Bandcamp.

Grab it on Bandcamp here!


1. Miasma
2. Andromeda II
3. Laniakea
4. This Could Be
5. Silver Planet