Saturday, 30 March 2013

PB080 | Monotron - Chain Sequence

Chiptune metal maestro Monotron delivers his debut Pxl-Bot release in the form of 7-track EP ‘Chain Sequence’. Blending guitars with sampled drums and chiptune melodies, metal sensibilities and melodic meanderings form a cohesive release as hooky as it is headbangable.

Crossing melodic death metal with cyberpunk chiptune, Monotron creates a remarkable balance between clashing atmospheres and emotions. For a debut chiptune release there is a noteworthy level of attention paid to the details within. From the space-fuelled expanses of ‘Chapter I’ to the grandiose of ‘Chapter IV’, Monotron’s ability to create large tunes from small sounds is striking. Memorable melodies, strongly bound structures and creatively crafted atmospheres make ‘Chain Sequence’ one of the best debuts we’ve housed.

Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Prologue
2. Chapter I
3. Chapter II
4. Intermission
5. Chapter III
6. Chapter IV
7. Epilogue