Sunday 24 February 2013

PB079 | Balloons - Shapeless Geometry

So after a brief hiatus we are back, and we have a good one for you! Straight out of San Diego, we are very proud to introduce to you the simply wonderful, Balloons.

Chock full of atmosphere and energy, Balloons manages to beautifully mix ambience and punchy beats, all with wonderfully captivating melodies thrown in for good measure. The experimental sounds of this album will ensnare you, holding you in their grip as they unfold the story contained in each track. Every song differs from the last but they all come together to form a single coherent journey throughout the album. So what are you waiting for, grab it now and enjoy the ride!

Grab The ZIP Here!


1. Intro
2. Tsunami Dreams
3. Recycled Dolphin
4. Zokkon
5. Interlude
6. Momentus Occassion
7. Oh Chill (Second Service Mix)
8. Ramenbow 2
9. End Credits